We are always looking for innovative and dynamic contemporary works than can implement and underline our commercial designs.

If you’re a visual artist and would like to have your work sold or rent via Blue Rust, please send us a message with a short intro on yourself. Please provide a summary of your vision and examples of your work. We don’t require academic proposals. Please note that not all works will be selected, but we do take the time to look at all of them.

Once you are selected we pledge to show your work to our clients when they fit the required design vision for their office.

To register with us is free, however if your work is selected we will ask you a small application fee of $15 to be display on our online catalogue.

If you are chosen by one of our clients who would like to purchase or rent your art, a 35% commission is required upon time of the order.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing those wonderful works!


Please email your application to:


Artist retains all copyrights to their own images. Accepted art will be displayed in our designs with the agreement of our clients. Blue Rust has the nonexclusive right to use and reproduce submitted photographs for exhibition purposes and for the purpose of marketing the exhibition, marketing related programs and subsequent display on the Blue Rust’s website. The artist’s name and photo title will be included wherever the photographs are displayed.

Raindow thief signed !





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